Tyrant: Overstable Fairway Driver

$11.99 On Sale

*2nd Run Tyrants! These are slightly less stable than the first and some have minor molding imperfections*

The Tyrant is our Go To fairway driver. 7, 3, 0, 2.5
You cannot ask for a more reliable fairway mold to build your bag around. The Tyrant features a comfortable rim size, flat (to puddle) top & delicious plastic composition.

We designed the Tyrant to be overstable without being overly beefy. It will fight winds and always hook up. Both backhand and forehand players are raving about the fantastic feel and flight of our newest fairway driver.

PDGA APPROVED. Weights are all 173g-175g


  • Ouroboros Stamped- 172g Sold Out
  • Ouroboros Stamped- 173g
  • Ouroboros Stamped- 174g Sold Out
  • Ouroboros Stamped- 175g